The world needs a Confident Church.

We’re lurching from one crisis to another. Financial disasters. Natural disasters. Pandemic. War. 

Postmodernist secularism and rampant individualism have failed. The pursuit of self and the accumulation of stuff have proved to be futile. Society is crying out for something that speaks to our spiritual identity as much as our social identity.

The world needs hope, and it needs it now.

As Christians, we’ve got hope to give – social, spiritual and deeply practical – but too often, we lack the confidence to share it.

We need to rediscover a confidence in our history, our message and how to communicate Biblical truths.

A confidence in our story, even when we don’t have all the answers.

A confidence to overcome our fear of the response we’ll receive.

A confidence to understand and speak the language of those around us.

Ultimately, a confidence in who God is and who we are in Him.

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